Enter announcements below about things that are going on in the lives of classmates and their families from Arroyo HS Class of 67. Website will be updated usually within 24 hours. Here are our most recent CURRENT EVENTS:

*April, 2014:  From:  Michael Williams
My beautiful wife and myself just celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary!  We enjoy our 5 grandkids as much as possible, we are retired.  We have been in all 50 of the United States.  So far in life, I enjoyed bowling a 300 gam, caught a 230lb halibut in Alaska, along with a 58lb king salmon, visited Carol Freiga, a fellow clssmate, who owns a few fishing lodges in Kenei.  His name is Tim Berg.

*March, 2014:  Celebrating 44 years of marriage in Bend Oregon and retired. (Rhett Butler)

*Dec, 2010:  My dear friend and partner in crime, Chris Gernert, passed away on Dec. 3.  She had pancreatic cancer and she went fast. We won't be going on that cruise together this spring. She is on her own journey now. She will be missed by her friends and family. (Eileen Wilson Boyce)

*Dec, 2009:  I am sorry to tell you all of the passing of Linda (Alaniz) Graff on December 3, 2009, after an extended and brave battle with cancer. (Irene Ventura)
*Aug, 2009:  It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Gary French.  He will certainly be missed and we want to extend our most sincere wishes to his close friends and family.

*Aug, 2009:  Our classmate, Gary French, is currently in the hospital fighting colon cancer.  For anyone wanting to contact Gary, he is at Sonora Regional Hospital Room #305  Phone 209-536-5000.  Our VERY BEST wishes are with him! 

*March, 2009: Marjorie (Margie) Schureman's husband, Don Thompson, passed away on March 19. Please look for Margie on the Classmates section to send her a message.

*Feb, 2009: 2009 will be a better year for Tiffanie Helbling... We have an update on Tiffanie, Linda (Ohliger) Helbling's daughter, who has been recovering from a horrible car accident last year resulting in severe brain swelling, trauma, and a 4 month coma. After almost 8 months in the hospital, Tiffanie was discharged from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center on Dec. 17, 2008, and is living and recovering at Learning Services in Gilroy. She continues to get extensive rehab there (physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy). Her speech is improving (Linda says she understands most of what she says) and they are working on teaching her to walk and take care of herself. Although she still has a long way to go, she is exceeding all expectations. Linda would like to thank all of you who have said prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes. Please keep them coming! Thank God she is alive. She and her family look forward to 2009 being a better year!!!!